Robert Wehrlin 1903-1964
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"Le Couple" ca. 1930
Oil on canvas 43x60

Life for Robert Wehrlin began in Winterthur, Switzerland. He was studying law in Germany, when, during a visit to his mother who was undergoing treatment in Davos, he met the German expressionist painter, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Wehrlin continues studying for another two years, but each meeting with Kirchner brings him closer to painting. In 1924, he takes up permanent residence in Paris, where, amongst others, he becomes the pupil of André Lhote. He follows other movements closely, but remains for ever marked by the first expressionist influence he had undergone. Wehrlin can be considered a member of the Paris school.
Rudolf Koella, curator of the fine arts museum in Winterthur, has dedicated a monograph to Robert Wehrlin in the Ides et Calendes publications.
Today the works of this great artist can be admired in a wide number of museums and private collections in France and Switzerland.